Around the World in Cut Outs
Exhibiting Paperboyo’s World

An Exhibition That Invites You to Learn in Amazement with a Smile on Your Face.

The ancient art of the cut-out has been re-invented! A black piece of cardboard, a pair of scissors and a camera? Indeed, this is all the working material the Instagram star Paperboyo requires. The British photographer, whose original name is Rich McCor, travels around the world, shedding a totally new and creative light on the splendour of renowned sights. More than 450,000 followers in social networks are constantly enthralled by Paperboyo’s art.

The procedure is basically simple: with one hand the British artist positions a cut-out in front of a famous city landmark, while the other hand takes a picture. This makes a fountain in front of the Tower Bridge in London appear like a foaming bottle of champagne; Big Ben is made to look like a wristwatch, and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris is turned into a giant Playmobil figure.

100 Fascinating Photographs

A selection of 100 themes from the fascinating photographs, originally devised for Instagram, is now on display in an exhibition. Every picture is supplied with a little anecdote making the world the visitor’s oyster. An exhibition that invites you to learn in amazement with a smile on your face!

The Book about the Exhibition

The art book entitled “Around the World in Cut-Outs” and published by Dumont serves as a complement to the exhibition. The book is now available in English and German.

Since Rich McCor started travelling around the world, no landmark has been safe from his cheerful re-interpretation, and there will be many more to come. That’s for sure!

Rich McCor

is engaged in three hobbies: photography, travelling and cut-outs. His works of art affirm that these very hobbies perfectly suit the London-born artist. His overwhelming imagination turns the world into a playground for his ideas, creating a new viewpoint of popular sights.

Travelling Exhibition

100 framed themes sized 70 cm x 100 cm and 60 cm x 80 cm

Exhibition area: from 150 m²