About ATC Agency

Art – art as a fascination for new and shared experiences!

Training – training of employees in the museum!

Conception – design interactive exhibitions!

Art und Conception

ATC is an exhibition agency that creates experiences for museums, cultural institutions and cultural monuments.

With the focus on ART, TRAINING and CONCEPTION, we developed international exhibitions primarily from Asia.

These exhibitions and events are crowd pullers, interactive and suitable for museums and cultural monuments.

Training and education

Training and training of museum staff on site, in the sale of our products completes the business.

The managing director Annette Horbach has been working in the training sector of the cosmetics industry for many years.

However, her affinity to art and culture has occupied her for several decades. Already as chairwoman of the Association of Central and Eastern Europe e.V., she developed exhibitions with various artists from Belarus, Russia and Germany and, above all, supports children and adolescents on their way towards artistic development.

So all exhibitions are always designed for children, adolescents, school classes and families.

Annette Horbach works with a team of international artists, museums, institutions and partners.