YOU ARE ART! – Fascinating hands-on illusions from China

About the exhibition

Exhibition “YOU ARE ART! – Fascinating interactive illusions from China has since become a classic. Since the European premiere in 2013, 500,000 visitors have seen this exhibition – and, above all, actively witnessed it. Because here the visitor becomes art himself. Here, the pictures may not only be touched, but some may also be entered.

“YOU ARE ART!” Shows pictures that were painted in a special 3D technique by Chinese artists. Wearing a paper dragon for the Chinese New Year, crossing a waterfall on a rope ladder bridge – in “YOU ARE ART!” this is completely harmless and lots of fun. The visitor can scratch a cute panda, wake up a beautiful woman, escape an angry dinosaur. Photographed with your own camera, the illusion is perfect.

We want to thank our fans for their loyalty and their repeated visits. In the meantime three seasons have now emerged since the initial first exhibition.

    YOU ARE ART! – now near you!

      The exhibition “YOU ARE ART! – Fascinating hands-on illusions from China” can be hired as a touring exhibition.

      It is a never-ending challenge to constantly create new incentives for your visitors and to see them leave with a smile. “YOU ARE ART!” Can help.

      We work closely with the Chinese partners, ensuring the smooth running of the German and Chinese sides. From the selection of pictures, the transport, customs formalities to the opening of the exhibition, we are at your side.

      • Image sizes: length 2.55m x height 2.55m, 3.66m x 2.44m, 4.88m x 2.88m, 6.00m x 2.55m
      • Recommended exhibition area from 450 m² with extensive lighting.
      • Storage room at ground level required for 7 transport boxes.

      YOU ARE ART! – Facts about the exhibition

      • This exhibition is suitable for areas from 300m² to 650m²
      • Different motives
      • Storage space necessary for transport crates

        Press articles (only in german)

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