Tricked – The spectacular illusion exhibition

Everything you see is deceptive! You can not rely on your eyes – nor on your brain. Today’s borders are more permeable than ever between illusion, reality, play and truth.

You move in computer-generated virtual spaces in which you meet white rabbits or put your nose in the air on the top floor of a New York skyscraper.

The exhibition “Tricked – The Spectacular Illusion Exhibition” shows the beginnings of perception research with moving images and kaleidoscopes to the innovative techniques of augmented and virtual reality. It leads through mirror rooms, crooked rooms and anamorphic installations.


Interactive Paintings of Yunuen Esparza

“Tricked” presents paintings by Mexican artist Yunuen Esparza that are only featured in this exhibition and that you can bring to life with an app on your smartphone.

Out of the darkness, a magical 3D world shines in black light for you. In a smartphone or tablet, you can capture the perfect image, which results from visual habits, thinking and the evolutionary development of our brain.