MANGAMANIA – Big eyes guaranteed – The interactive adventure exhibition for the whole family!

About the exhibition

Big eyes are guaranteed in this special exhibition! One can learn everything about the MANGA – its historical origin and current diversity, its creative fan culture and tremendous economic power, its fascinating strangeness, and its exuberant phenomena.

MANGA is much more than a simply drawn face with oversized eyes. More than a magazine in black and white, which is usually read from the back to the front and can be found in every bookstore and every library.

MANGA is a typical expression of the comic in Japan with completely independent artistic means and a differentiated publishing system.

Nothing is as varied as MANGA – it exists on every topic, for every age, for every interest.

MANGAMANIA combines history with modern calligraphy, ink drawings and woodblock prints

MANGA is historically in line with the sophisticated Japanese calligraphy, ink drawing and the color woodcut especially that of the Edo period.

The new special exhibition combines modern MANGA with historical color woodblock prints, mostly from their own collection. A room is dedicated to the popular “Shunga”, the “spring images” with their erotic-grotesque representations.

The world of the MANGA also includes the anime – the Japanese animated film that has just begun its triumphal procession around the world, the computer games and the fan culture with merchandising, fanzines, cosplay, Itasha.

A creative community meets in both real and virtual spaces to present their own MANGA drawings or custom costumes by famous MANGA or game heroes.

MANGAMANIA – The interactive exhibition for the whole family!

Big eyes are also guaranteed at the numerous hands-on stations and workshops where MANGAs can be drawn, animes viewed, traditional games played, computer games tried, and a even quiz can be taken.

A manga hands-on exhibition for the whole family, which, in addition to fascinating background information, also provides the best in entertainment, fun and enjoyment for every age.